Oren at Two and Three Quarters

1smileunderhat-2022-May-29-AMJ-X.jpg People often comment on how Oren is always smiling, which is probably because they don’t have to put his shoes on, brush his teeth, put him to bed, or really get him to do anything that he doesn’t want to do. But in general, yes, he does smile a lot.

2smile-2022-May-29-AMJ-X.jpg Okay, I guess he does sometimes smile when we’re putting on his shoes.

3pond-2022-Apr-22-AMJ-X.jpg Oren and Rachael at the botanical garden in Baku. Note the holding hand, the netting, and the helmet. Safety first.

4balancebike-2022-Apr-22-AMJ-X.jpg Oren still hasn’t quite mastered the strider, but he does push it around every once in a while.

5bunnyface-2022-Apr-16-AMJ-X.jpg Oren at a DIY Easter egg hunt back in April.

6foundthebigegg-2022-Apr-16-AMJ-X.jpg Found one!

7flowerchild-2022-Apr-22-AMJ-X.jpg Oren playing flower child.

8legstoobig-2022-May-29-AMJ-X.jpg He often has to fold his legs when he’s in his carseat. He never complains, probably because he doesn’t know any different.

9kissfromrachael-2022-May-29-AMJ-X.jpg Rachael and Oren.

sad1-2022-May-29-AMJ-X.jpg Oren sad.

sad2-2022-May-29-AMJ-X.jpg Oren less sad.

sad3-2022-May-29-AMJ-X.jpg Oren starting to pull it together.

sad4-2022-May-29-AMJ-X.jpg Almost there.

sad5-2022-May-29-AMJ-X.jpg Smiling again.

walkingwithrachal-2022-May-29-AMJ-X.jpg Walking with Rachael near Xinaliq in northern Azerbaijan.