Oren at Two and a Half

Life got ahead of me a few months ago and I didn’t take time to write down what was going on with Oren. In retrospect, I think that he was changing so quickly and in such dramatic ways that I was afraid to try to capture it in words. Rather than try to look back and offer an incomplete account, I’ll offer these photos instead.

oren-Idara-hammock.jpg Sometimes when we go to the woods we bring a hammock. Idara and Oren are (usually) happy to share it.

oren-Idara-rachael-hike-germany.jpg Oren, Rachael, and Idara on a short hike we took in the Black Forest.

oren-amphitheater.jpg Oren at the Roman amphitheater in Myra, on the Turkish coast. If there’s one picture that describes his current personality, this is it.

oren-cars.jpg Oren isn’t quite as passionate as putting things in rows as Idara (or me), but he still does it from time to time, and clearly takes a lot of pride in his work.

oren-flower-crown.jpg Oren and his flower crown outside of Kash in Turkey.

oren-hike-turkey.jpg Happy baby on a walk in Turkey.

oren-pot.jpg Oren is already celebrating learning how to use the toilet, despite not quite knowing how to use the toilet.

posing-princess-oren.jpg Oren and Idara.

sumgayit-oren-rachael.jpg Oren on the beach with Rachael. This is in Sumqayit, just north of Baku.

oren-alex-shoulders.jpg Oren and me looking out at the Mediterranean Sea on a stormy day.