Catch Up

Sometimes when I haven’t written in a while I feel like I have so much to catch up on that it keeps me from writing anything at all. So, in lieu of a deep dive into every little thing I’ve been up to over the past few months, here are a few words and pictures:

kids in the rain I taught my own class for three months while another teacher was on maternity leave. Usually I’m only with a class for a day at a time, so this gave me a chance to focus and connect with a few great kids.

rachael running Rachael ran a half marathon along the Corniche in Doha.

market in nicosia, cyprus We spent a week driving around Cyprus (on the wrong side of the road!) with Jake, Bethany, and Danieal.

new camping spot by inland sea We found a new camping spot on the shores of Qatar’s Inland Sea.

computer I’m still teaching myself computer science every free chance I get and am currently developing a little meditation app (which is way more complicated than I ever thought possible). I’m thinking about enrolling in a computer science program when we move back to the United States, but I’ve yet to make any solid plans.

That’s all for now. In a couple of days we’ll fly to Norway to visit some cousins several times removed, then onto Iceland for a week with my folks, and finally back to Oregon.