Favorite Tweets Automatically Sent to Readability

My primary source for news is Twitter and my primary way of reading the news is in Readability. I read through tweets and then favorite the ones that link to articles I want to read later. Getting those articles to Readability used to be a pain in the ass, but now, thanks to a new website, it's a lot easier.

My old system looked like this: I'd favorite a bunch of tweets that linked to articles I wanted to read later. I'd then go through those tweets, open the links one by one, and save each to Readability. It was a cumbersome, three step proces. But then ifttt (which stands for "If This Then That") came along. It integrates actions between web services like Gmail, Twitter, and Craigslist, and it had the potential to make it more simple for me to get articles from Twitter to Readability. So I did what any reasonable person would do; I tweeted about it: "Looks like @ifttt is going to change my life, but only if it asks @Readability out on a date. So guys, how bout it?"

A couple weeks ago Readability announced they'd be working with ifttt. Now whenever I favorite a tweet, the first link is automatically sent to Readability where it's converted into an easy to read article. Here's an example of what an article looks like after it's been converted by Readability.

You can sign up for ifttt here and Readability here. Once you do, check out this recipe which will link the two together.