The Destination DIY Menu

What if you had to describe what you do in a couple of minutes? Some people call it the elevator speech, the idea being that if you were riding with a potential donor or venture capitalist you'd be able to market your idea or project quickly and effectively. This new zine about Destination DIY by Julie Sabatier is kind of like an elevator speech in printed form. It covers what the show is about, who puts it together, what people are saying, and how to get in touch. I like to call it a menu, because it gives you a good idea of what you'll be getting if you tune in. I didn't have anything to do with the actual writing or layout of the Zine, but I did spend a few hours last week sewing it together with Julie. I'm pretty proud of how we put it together, so I'm writing about it here.

To start out, I used a faux serger stitch to accentuate the edge of the cover. It worked out really well because there was a a quarter-inch margin of whitespace left over from the printing process. After the cover was sewn, we added the inner page (there are two total) and bound the whole thing together. Instead of stapling the seam, we sewed it with green thread that (almost) perfectly matches the accent font on the cover and within the zine.

The sewing process took about five hours but I think it was time well spent. Each zine looks like someone (us!) spent a lot time on it and thought about how it was going to come together. We made 50 in this batch. Had we been making 200, we might have reconsidered sewing them.